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Fisher Darling

Hello! My name is Fisher Darling and welcome to my personal website! I am currently starting my final year of Computer Science at the Colorado School of Mines. Computer Science, Cybersecurity, PL design and Operating Systems are some of my passions.


  • wabi: A WebAssembly Bytecode Interpreter written in Rust
  • structnom: A Rust procedural macro that automatically generates binary parsers for Rust structs and enumerations
  • wasm-nom: WebAssembly Binary Format Parser
  • cargo-light: A cargo subcommand that walks the Rust AST reporting instances of shadowed variables
  • node-sniffer: NodeJS bindings for the packet capturing library libpcap, written in C++


  • Rust, Python, C++, and Java
  • Git, Docker, and GitLab CI/CD
  • Multi-threaded Packet Capturing
  • Binary Protocol Parsing